A Multimodal Tools Challenge

Each semester, I incorporate a multimodal/multimedia project or project element into my writing courses. I’ve tried many strategies for introducing students to the wide-range of free tools available to them (see my “Online Collaboration Tool” exercise). Currently, students in my Rhetorical Grammar course are creating multimodal grammar lessons that they can post to YouTube, Prezi, WordPress, or some other online sharing site. To introduce them to some multimodal tools available to them, I created the following “Multimodal Tools Challenge”:

Multimodal Tools Challenge (Computer Classroom Exercise)

An Introduction to Multimodal Tools (Accompanying Handout)

Feel free to use this challenge in your own classroom. I gave the top finisher a small Amazon gift card, which seemed to inspire some healthy competition. In retrospect, this might work even better without the reward. Slower pacing might help the students to relax and gain confidence with tools that might be new to them. Enjoy the challenge!

Note: This exercise is designed for a PC computer lab classroom. It also utilizes Dropbox, which is free online.

About taylo206

I am an Assistant Professor of Composition, Rhetoric and Professional Writing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
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