The Blogging Self

self reflection

Since I began this Composition & Rhetoric-inspired blog in February 2009, I have received zero comments from viewers.  I rarely post in response to the comments/feedback of others, though the genre of the blog encourages such interaction.  What I’ve come to discover lately is that: 

For me, blogging is not about actual circulation.  Rather, it is about self-actualization–a kind of identity-building medium where my writing responds more to an external representation of my self rather than actual human correspondents.

[I haven’t ironed all of this out just yet… Let’s take a journey, shall we?]

If you’re reading this post, you must find it odd that I seem to pretend you don’t exist, dear reader!  The strangeness of the blog seems to be just that:  I write to a reader that I am unable to define.  The fact that I’m unable to know exactly who my readers are makes this blog more like a series of personal journal entries.  If you were to ask me, “Hey there, Katie.  Why do you blog?”  I would respond:

I blog because I type faster than I handwrite.  Because I am eased by the blogger’s ability to include photos, drawings, word docs, videos, radio programs, web links, and (well, not yet) comments.  When words cannot convey my meaning, there are at least five other mediums through which I can compose/explain it. 

Know why else?  I blog because it is a kind of self-forming.  When I post work I am proud of (often work I submit for a class presentation or exercise), I create an identity that is more seemless than “real life.”  What do I mean?  Coursework is often abandoned.  Placed in a folder or archive, untouched for years.  This blog has become a virtual record of my progression, my interests, my life as a graduate student.  [Oh one day, I’ll look back!]  Who I am or will be in this field is taking shape before my eyes, offering me a more whole “gaze” at myself as a composer.  In essence, paths are traveled and retraveled.  Writing is written and rewritten.  Responded to and extended.

Even if it’s just between me and… well, me.

About taylo206

I am an Assistant Professor of Composition, Rhetoric and Professional Writing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
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